Project: Taipei Film Fund Concept

ROLE: UI/UX Designer

TIME FRAME: May 2021 - Aug 2021

Product Vision

The Taipei Film Fund website is where investors, producers, directors, and filmmakers can find information about international promotion, funding, talent cultivation, film and television co-production, and marketing.


  1. Different styles of different film projects.
  2. Serve useful information to investors.
  3. Modular design for upcoming projects.
  4. Fundraising efforts for international promotion.
phone mockup

Kick off

In Taipei Film Fund's web design process, we opted for an iterative design process. This helped us test different design languages. We created mood boards using inspiration from different Hollywood projects.

As you can see our initial mood boards were quite different from our final design.

pink design board

Gold + Black = Luxury + Quality

In the end we landed on a design scheme that we were very happy with. In our final design, we stayed true to Taipei Film Fund's brand using colors that represented luxury and quality using sharp and modern design.

color palette
phone mockup
phone mockup